The Australian Body Art Festival is a sponsors dream attracting media attention and large crowds – it gives real bang for your sponsorship dollar! 

There are so many great sponsorship opportunities available that provide a host of benefits and fantastic media coverage for our beloved sponsors. If you would like to get involved, or are interested in learning more, contact us for more information OR


A MASSIVE thank you to our generous funding partners and sponsors who supported the 2017 event.

We’d also love to give our love to the amazing photographers that capture the event each and every year, and have allowed us to use their imagery on our website. 

Images courtesy of Ben Cook, LisaSista Photography, Alain Bouvier, George Lyell, Grey Rose Photography, Simon Catesby, Allana Black, Martin Mikeska, Nicky Stone, Nathan Ton, Vaughan Whitworth, Trish Rennie, Andrew Mortimer & Dejan Vaupotic

Also a massive thank you also to those that have helped out with art installations and decorations for 2017 including The Blacksmiths, The Pomona Pixies, Firefly Solutions, Owen Lyell & The Shed @Cooroy