Competition Rules

Competition Rules

General (all competitions)

  1. The theme for all of this year’s competitions is ‘WILD THING’ and artists will be judged on their interpretation of that theme.
  2. Entrants and models must remain until the judges’ decisions are announced (except Photography entrants who may come and go throughout the weekend). There will be an award ceremony at the completion of both days.
  3. All work may be photographed, recorded and published by the Australian Body Art Festival, which has the right to use images and information for future advertising, promotional purposes and sale.
  4. To enter, simply complete the entry form and submit your entry fee.
  5. There are limited spaces in all competitions.  If competition entries are full it will be listed on the website –
  6. Entry fees are non-refundable.
  7. All entrants are required to attend a briefing session on the morning(s) of the competition(s) they have entered.
  8. No smoking is permitted in the competition work areas.
  9. The event will continue regardless of weather conditions (except in the case of catastrophic storm and flood of course!).  Wet weather contingencies have been implemented for all competitions.
  10. Artists and models are responsible for all their personal belongings. Australian Body Art Festival will not be responsible for any damage or loss to personal effects.
  11. A panel of judges will judge each category.  Judges’ decisions are final and cannot be contested.
  12. Failure to comply with any of the Terms and Conditions will result in disqualification.

Body Art (all categories) including Face Painting

The weekend is centered around body art.  Full body art competitions in the categories of brush & sponge and airbrush take place on Saturday 7 April followed by a photographic session, parade and presentation to winners later in the day.   On Sunday 8 April the special effects full body art competition and the face painting competition are held. The Sunday competition also culminates in a photographic session, parade and presentation.

  1. Entrants in the full body art competitions create their design independently but are permitted one assistant.  The assistant cannot paint nor do any artwork on the model.
  2. Entrants in the face painting competition must work independently without an assistant.
  3. Entrants can either bring their own model (please have your model fill in and return a Model Registration form prior to the event) or have a model supplied. For those body artists that require the Festival to organise a model for them, models will be allocated prior to the event. At a minimum, models must wear a G-string or c-string and this can be painted before the event. Please note that body art models must be over 18 years of age.
  4. All female models in the face painting competition must wear a top (either strapless or shoestring top).  It is recommended that this be a plain colour so it does not detract from the artwork.
  5. During the competition, each entrant will be allocated a work area and body artwork can only be done within that area.
  6. Entrants cannot commence work before the official start, and must finish painting when the Marshalls indicate the competition is complete.
  7. Hairstyling and hair adornments may be worked on before the start of competition. The following adornments are allowed in all categories: wigs or hairpieces (no length restriction – must be attached to the head area only), head-dresses and hats (must be attached to the head area only), false nails, false eyelashes, glitter and gems.
  8. Entrants in the brush and sponge category are limited to using only brushes, sponges & stencils as tools. Entrants in the airbrush category are limited to only airbrushes and stencils as tools with minimal fine brush work allowed (eg on the face area). There are no limitations regarding tools in the special effects or face painting categories.
  9. The following adornments may only be used in the special effects category: latex facial prosthetics, masks and body attachments.  These may be painted before the competition.
  10. All body paints, glues and applications must contain only cosmetically approved ingredients, and must be non-toxic and fully compliant with EU or FDA cosmetic and toy regulations.  NB:  This is essential for the safety of your model and contravention of this rule will result in immediate disqualification.
  11. Artists will be given 5.5 hours to complete their artworks in the brush & sponge, airbrush and special effects categories and 4 hours to complete their artworks in the face painting category.
  12. Body artists in the categories of brush and sponge, airbrush and special effects must be over 18 years of age. Artists under 18 years of age are welcome to enter the face painting competition providing they have parental authorisation.
  13. Only artists, artist assistants (one only for full body art), models, judges, event officials and registered photographers may enter the work areas & photography areas.
  14. Judging criteria is based on originality (20%), use of colour (20%), interpretation of theme (20%), technical expertise and execution (20%) and overall final artwork (20%).

Wearable Art

The Wearable Art Competition will take place on Sunday 8 April, when designers and/or their models parade their designs on the catwalk. Entrants can either create their design independently, or team up to create a work of wearable art together. Entrants are encouraged to “think outside the square” when creating your Wearable Art design. The possibilities are limitless!

  1. Each garment must be made from product/material that has had a “life” or use before. Only sewing cotton, zips, bias binding, etc may be new.
  2. Creations do not have to be practical or commercially viable but the garment must be wearable.
  3. Due to the nature of Wearable Art, entrants are required to supply their own models to ensure a proper fit of the creation.  Models must be available for the fashion parade(s) and judging on Sunday 9 April 2017.
  4. There will be several heats followed by a final.  Announcement of winners including a parade of finalists will be held in the afternoon.
  5. Judges will be looking for original use of second hand and/or reused materials (25%), uniqueness/originality (25%), quality of construction (25%) and cohesive design concept including interpretation of theme (25%)


This two day event is jam-packed full of photographic opportunities – from the more readily seen art form of face painting right through to cutting-edge full body painting (airbrush, sponge and brush and special effects) along with pavement art, traditional art, wearable art, music, dance and street entertainment.

Photographers (professional and amateur) are invited to register to take part in the Australian Body Art Festival competition. It’s an opportunity to secure unique photographic opportunities and special access to photographer only areas.

  1. Only photographs taken at the Australian Body Art Festival 2018 are eligible for entry in the competitions. It must be obvious that photos were taken at the Australian Body Art Festival 2018.
  2. Photographers must submit a passport size photo with their entry (either hard copy or digitally) and will receive a photographer’s pass enabling them to access competition areas and restricted photographer-only areas.  The photographer’s pass must be worn in order to gain access to the restricted competition areas.
  3. Only registered photographers may enter the body art work areas. Registered photographers will have access to the models and artists all weekend (except the first half hour of painting).
  4. Photographers must not interfere with models or artists while they work.  A special registered photographer only session will be held with the models and artists when the artworks are complete.
  5. Each entrant may submit four photographs in each category.
  6. It is recommended that all entries are mounted with a single matt board.
  7. In the photo print category, final photos submitted for the competition must remain as they were shot, with only very minor corrections permitted (any enhancements must be clearly stated). Images must retain their original meaning, look and feel.
  8. In the digital art category, there are no boundaries with respect to photographic manipulation and editing. Photographers may choose to place subjects in different settings, add additional props, change colours, etc. However the content must reflect the 2018 Australian Body Art Festival.
  9. All hard copy photographs entered in both digital and print category should measure a minimum of 20cm (8 inches) on the long side and a maximum of 45cm (14 inches) on the long side. They must be clearly marked on the reverse with the photographer’s name and title of the photograph.
  10. All entries (digital and print) must also be submitted on CD as jpg or tiff files with a minimum of 300 dpi resolution and a minimum 20cm (8 inches) on the long side.  Each file must be labelled with the name of the photographer and the title of the photograph.
  11. Judges will be looking for originality (25%), interpretation of theme (25%), general appeal (25%) and technical expertise (25%).
  12. Entrants in the photography competitions retain ownership of their image but must accept that their entries may be used by the Australian Body Art Festival for future media, advertising and promotional purposes.
  13. Following the Australian Body Art Festival all photographs to be entered in the photography competitions must be received by close of business Friday 27 April.  Judging by a panel will take place and an exhibition and award ceremony at time and date TBC at the Cooroy Butter Factory Arts Centre will be held to announce results which will also be posted on the Australian Body Art Festival website and Facebook page.
  14. The Exhibition of photographs will run from times and dates TBC  at the Cooroy Butter Factory Arts Centre.  Photographers may put their works up for sale during the exhibition – the Butter Factory Arts Centre will mark the sale price of your photos up by 40% to cover GST, administration and commission.
  15. Photographers will be advised when their entries can be picked up (after award ceremony and exhibition).  Alternatively, photographers may include a postage paid, self-addressed bag with their entry if they require it to be posted back.
  16. Any photographs not picked up by the advised time will become the property of the Australian Body Art Festival.
  17. No responsibility will be taken by the organisers for lost or damaged photographs.